Our Quality Policy

Standard of Excellence

To produce high quality products and services in accordance with national, international standards and legal requirements by implementing management systems requirements in the most effective way.

Sustainable Environmental Consciousness

To take the necessary measures from the source in order to minimize the risks related to environmental pollution in the short and long term, to ensure that the wastes are sorted and disposed in accordance with the nature and to ensure this awareness to the employees.

Qualified Human Resource

To work with qualified staff who respect ethics, environment and human rights and adopt continuous improvement and development in line with company goals and objectives.

Occupational Health and Safety

To take precautions by give particular importance to safety in order to protect the employees and all parties from the occupational safety and environmental risks that may be arising.

Innovative Approach

To ensure product safety and hygiene standards by combining the knowledge and experience coming from the past with the technology, following the innovations simultaneously with the world, at the same time by producing new ideas.

Information Security Management System

To keep confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets under control and to give maximum importance to continuous improvements.

Universal Rights

To be a company that targets high standards on universal rights.