Adult Care Products

eruslu yetişkin bakımı
Eruslu Hygienic Products which has started to produce adult diapers in 2010 and underpad covers in 2013 offers four different brands in this segment in order to fulfill different expectations.


Actual branded adult diapers produced by Eruslu Hygienic Products provide comfort to adult patients when they need it most, and provide convenience to their relatives who care for them carefully.

Fresh Life

Fresh Life makes life easier with features such as adult diapers, high-tech absorbent layer, leak-proof textile outer surface, reusable side bands and wetness indicator.


Sleepy adult diapers, underpad coverings and body cleansing towels offer users the confidence they are looking for thanks to their high quality and innovative features.


PureMed patient diaper with waist band provides comfort to the patient with its leak-proof outer surface.