About us

E ruslu Hygienic Products, whose roots date back to 1966, began its activities in 2004 with the production of diapers.

Eruslu Hygienic Products, which started to produce adult diapers, wet towels and pocket wipes in 2010, underpad covers in 2013 and sanitary pad in 2017, has been taking firm steps forward within the sector.

1966 ilk sanayi yatırımı

The first industrial investment was made

Mehmet Ali Eruslu, who started to produce plastic shoes, has continuously increased its investments, production capacity and product range with the development of plastic sector.

eruslu fabrika

Erpen A.Ş. was established

Erpen brand, which is in demand both in Turkey and abroad with innovations presented in the field of polymer doors and windows, high technology facilities and widespread dealer network, has been introduced.


Eruslu Hygienic Products entered into service

Eruslu Hygienic Products, which started its activities with international quality diapers production, started to export not only its own brands but also private label products mainly.


The company named "BZ İnşaat Malzemeleri" was established

BZ İnşaat, which started to produce Wallboard branded thermal insulation boards, has become one of the companies with the highest production capacity in the sector.


Ecoplast company was established

Ecoplast, which started to produce printed and unprinted flexible packaging and industrial film, continues its activities in seven different production facilities.


Adult diapers, wet towel and pocket wipes production started

Eruslu Hygienic Products, which continued its development in the field of hygienic products with determination, enriched its portfolio with the production of 3 new products in the same year.


Production of patient underpad cover started

Eruslu Hygienic Products, which is in demand in both domestic and international markets with its adult diaper brands, presented the underpad cover as an integrated product with the same segment to its consumers.


The launch of Sleepy for Turkey was held

Sleepy Sensitive, which is the first diaper weaved with pure water of Turkey, was offered to the Turkish market. The launching communication of the wet towel types as well as the baby diaper was carried out. In the same year, Sleepy Online e-commerce site was put into service.


Women's sanitary pad production started

Eruslu Hygienic Products completed its portfolio in the field of hygienic products categorically by also starting the production of sanitary pad.


Sleepy Natural was offered to consumers

Sleepy Natural sanitary pads having absorbent fibers obtained from natural bamboo and soft wings weaved by pure water has brought a breath of fresh air to the women's sanitary pad market with useful innovations.

Eruslu Hygienic Products Monthly Production

0 million pieces of baby diapers
0 million pieces of adult diapers
0 million pieces of under pad
0 million pieces wet wipes
0 million pocket wipes
0 million pieces of hygienic sanitary pads

It is one of the leading companies in its sector in terms of Production Capacity.

About Export

Eruslu Hygienic Products, which is connected to Eruslu Global Group of Companies and exports to more than 100 countries worldwide, with its widespread domestic and export sales structure, keeps consumer satisfaction at the highest level and offers them the highest quality products above world standards.

Eruslu Hygienic Products, which follows the innovations and technological developments closely, develops its existing products in order to provide instant and high quality solutions to all needs and always brings new products to the sector for its consumers.